Valentina  lives in a small front-line town of Vugledar.

She meets us at the door with joy and immediately invites you to have some tea with her.  We couldn’t stay for too long because our plan was to visit 13 families in Vugledar to bring them food bags provided by CBN-Emmanuel.

The woman tells us about her life and thanks for the provided food: “I have four children and I know how to knit and how to sew. I had to do all that while raising my four children. I had experienced difficult time before – I know what hunger and cold is. I can’t say that during this time of war I am experiencing the most difficult economic situation in my life.

At the same time, I have to spend my whole pension to buy medicines. My children can’t help me all the time. When they do help, the money goes to paying the utility bills. I know how to live in modesty but I must say that the church has been supporting me a lot. I don’t know how I would be able to survive if it hadn’t been for the help provided by CBN. Every months, CBN volunteers bring me a food bag which includes  a variety of cereals, oil, sugar, tea and some canned food! I try to save the food to be able to go on it  for a whole month. Thankfully, I’m not hungry! There is almost no food in my fridge, I mostly keep medicines in it. I am grateful to my children who bought this refrigerator for me a long time ago but nowadays I have no food to fill it with…”

For the last 4 years CBN- Emmanuel has been providing 800 to 1000 food packages per months to be distributed among low-income families living on the frontlines. This food security program has prevented hunger in the war-affected regions.

If you want to contribute to help the people of war-affected eastern Ukraine in need of food, you can make a donation here.