Have you ever seen a fortified bullet-proof playground? Such constructions are present in many backyards along the front line in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine.

In order to protect children from bullets, the playground is normally placed closer to the house (in order to be able to evacuate the child into the house when shelling starts). On the side of the front line the playground is protected by several rows of tires, wood and metal sheets.

Oxana Ivashura from old Avdeyevka, eastern Ukraine, had two additional towers of tires along the “evacuation corridor” leading to the house having no basement or bomb shelter in it. Oxana had been living like this for the last couple of years of war – just like hundreds of other families living on the fire line.

Oxana has got two children.


Her son Tolick is a junior school pupil, and her 8-year-old daughter Alyona has been staying at home ever since her kindergarten for children with special needs had been destroyed after shelling. The girl cannot stand on her feet, she is only able to crawl due to a severe form of cerebral palsy.


The life of this family has always been hard, and after the war had entered their home town it’s become unbearable. Despite of the dangers of war, Oxana used to say “no” to multiple offers of evacuation, because even this old and dangerous place was their home. “We have planted potato already. Besides, we have already tried to leave, but no one needs us”. And still, they had to leave their house this summer after their house was flooded and unfit for living. Fortunately enough, some kind people let this family live for free in their house in Krasny Liman town, Donetsk region.

CBN-Emmanuel staff had met this family before – passed firewood and food sets. Having found out about about their difficult situation this year, we were able to find finances to purchase a house for Oxana’s family in Krasny Liman village. Our loyal Partner, sister Luba from Portland, USA, has become a major donor for this purchase.

While we were working on the paperwork for the purchase, Oxana and her son Tolik planted their new garden. The seeds they used were also provided by Emmanuel in the framework of “Something to Eat Every Day” Project implemented with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative”.



Thanks to the support of our faithful Partners, just another family is able to start a new life on a peaceful territory where they will not have to build a fortified bullet-proof playgrounds any more!

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