16-year-old Maxym Fedoriv spent half of his young life living at war.

He was born in a large family in the front-line village of Dachne, Donetsk region.  In addition to his disability (arthropathy of foot functions), isolation and total loneliness, the full-scale war came into his life with regular shillings, hiding in bomb shelters and constant hope for peace.

Thankfully, God had a special plan for Maxym’s life. The boy met local volunteers from the “Emmanuel” Charity Association, who invited him to the “Little Cook” and  “Crafts and Bible Study” clubs which has become a life-saving experience for the teenager.

Maxim shares, “I first came to the clubs when I brought my younger sisters here. We heard that at the club, volunteers were teaching the local kids how to make crafts, cook food, run a household and other essential life skills.  In addition, they had everything  needed for these lessons – food products for cooking and all of the materials for the crafts. It was really surprising”.
The boy brought the sisters for the first time, for the second time, for the third time… and the clubs have become a very important part of his own life.  Today, he comes every time 2 hours before the start of the club to start the stove and heat the premises and helps take care of those children who come. His eyes that were once dim, now shine with inspiration.
I am very grateful to the fate and the staff of “Emmanuel” for wonderful leisure time, kindness, care and a new meaning of life...” – Maxym thanked sincerely.

Dozens of children like Maksym find comfort, friendship, fellowship, hear about God and learn new skills thanks to the support of our long-term Partner, ORA Charitable organization from the Netherlands. We are very grateful for this opportunity to share the love of God with the war-affected children of Ukraine.

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Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuil