It would be an understatement to say that Nina Andreevna from Maryinka, Donetsk region, suffers from the lack of money.

This lonely widow survives on 1700UAH (about 50 USD) per month. She spends half of this tiny amount on the utility bills and medicines. Despite of her hopeless situation, this old lady believes that her life is pretty good: “I always cook borsch, which means I’m not starving! I’ll buy meat bones or chicken backs for 20 UAH per kilo from my pension. And I grow vegetables in my garden! Of course it’s always harder at the end of the month when I have no cash left… but I hold out somehow! I’m trying to survive!

The main problem in my life now is the war to which the quarantine is now added. This is some kind of double burden on us old people! Not only do we hear explosions of shells but also this quarantine has put us under even more limitations…

Even for such elderly people living in the periphery, it is impossible to isolate themselves from hearing the terrifying news about coronavirus. Needless to say that additional stress and panic definitely harm the health of the elderly, who have been living in fear of constant shelling for over six years now. 

To provide psychological support for such people, we have started a hotline where people can call by dialing +380 (98) 996-50-70.

 We continue to home-deliver grocery sets and soap to the elderly to help them stay at home and not go out looking for food! With the newly introduced quarantine measures, the number of applications for food supplies is continuously increasing. This month we received over 900 of them which means that there is a great need for food along the front line!

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One survival food set for a family costs $10.

You can support one family or donate any convenient amount! Thank you!

By: Anna Chaban