“Operation Blessing” continues distribution of food bags and drinking water in the east of Ukraine, where the war has been going on for the last 8 year.

After Russia’s invasion, the situation has worsened drastically and the whole Ukraine is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis. Food bags and drinking water provided by OB give the most vulnerable people a chance to survive and avoid hunger. One of the distribution locations where OB teams still have access to is Pivnichne village, Donetsk region.

Victoriya Kim is a single mother of 14-year-old daughter Marina.  She has been caring for her house and her daughter on her own for many years. Victoriya has a disability and she can’t find a job in her war-affected village, so the two of them are surviving on the small disability allowance that she receives from the government.  Victoria’s house is located within 500 meters to the current “frontline” and most of the houses in the area are ruined,  but, thankfully, God has been protecting her home.

After the intensification of the hostilities, Vitroria started suffering from furious panic attacks and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Her disease has  become much worse and she suffers from seizures quite often. She is afraid to leave the house unless she absolutely has to go somewhere and she doesn’t let her daughter go out.

The food bag provided by “Operation Blessing” has become a lifesaving relief in these difficult times. She says that she and her daughter haven’t had many of the products included into the food bag for years and Victoriya is very grateful for this help.

Zinayida Alexandrova is a widow who is left on her own in the war-affected village. Her husband died in 2017 and she hasn’t heard anything from her children for the last 30 years.

Zinayida is struggling for her life trying to survive at war with no one to help her. After paying the utilities from her tiny pension, Zinayida has about 300 uah (about 10$) left for food for the whole month. But this woman who has survived the second World War knows everything about living half-starving and saving on food. The only thing she is scared of now are the loud sounds of shells and planes bombing the peaceful towns of Ukraine. Zinayida has moved her bedding items to the bathroom where she has been sleeping for over a month now and she never closes the door to her apartment. She want her neighbors to be able to enter into her apartment easily in case something happens to her.

Zinayida is very grateful for the food and water provided by “Operation Blessing”.

65-year old Tetyana and her paralyzed husband are now trying to survive in their home village of Pivnichne accompanied by the sounds of shelling. Due to unemployment, Tetyana’s daughter was forced to leave for Kyiv looking for a job and was caught there by the war. 12-year-old grandson Danylo is now left with the grandparents in the war-affected village.

The family have seen much in the last 8 years of war but the situation today is so terrible that even these people who are accustomed to living at war are scared to death.

Tetyana is very grateful to “Operation Blessing” for the provided food support which will help her and her family survive in these difficult times and total shortage of food.

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