Having a washing machine is one of the vital needs of families with many children since there is always much laundry and doing it by hand is a very hard work.

There are many large families in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine and for many of them, a washing machine is a luxury good. Some families still use old-style washing machines and could never afford to buy a new one.

Thankfully, there are people living far from Ukraine who really care for the problems faced by large families in eastern Ukraine.

Nickolay and Nadezhna Osmak are a couple from Erie (Pennsylvania, USA) who wanted to support large families and become an answer to their need. Thus, this American couple donated money for 6 washing machines!

Emmanuel Association purchased washing machines and delivered them to the large families in Donbass

1.     Help to the Serbo family from the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region

There are 11 children in the Serbo family – 5 biological kids and 6 foster chidlren from an orphanage. The old washing machine broke down and the family really needed a new one!


2.     Help to Masletsovy family, Shiroki village, Luhansk region.

This friendly family cares for 7 children and a new washing machine has become an answer to the family’s prayers! They are very grateful for the provided help!


3. Help to the Divnych family from the town of Dobropolye, Donetsk region

There are 6 children in the Divnych family and receiving a new washing machine was a real gift for the family!


4. Help to the Timoshenko family from Vremovka village, Donetsk region (6 children).


5. Help to the Shliupkiny family from the town of Gornyak, Donetsk region (5 children).


6. Help to the Kuziny family from the town of Artiomovo, Donetsk region (5 children). This family could not even dream of buying a washing machine!

On behalf of all families who received this help and on behalf of «Emmanuel» Charity Association we thank Nickolay and Nadezhda Osmak for their kindness and generosity to the needy people in eastern Ukraine!

For each of these families, this gift was a real demonstration that the Lord is not leaving them in this difficult situation and He is stretching His helping hand from America!

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.
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