The life stories of the lonely elderly people living in Chasiv Yar hospice are quite different.

These elderly people have various skills and have survived in various life circumstances in the past. However, there is one thing that is common for all of them – over the years, they have become useless, homeless and lonely. The founder Chasiv Yar Hospice in war-affected eastern Ukraine, Eugeny Tkachov and his family are the only ones who made it the mission of their lives – to support these homeless and helpless widows and widowers.

CBN-Emmanuel has been supporting this hospice  for the last 10 month  – by providing aa monthly financial assistance of $1000 for purchase of food and hygiene products. As a result, over 60,000 hot meals have been distributed, 255 people heard the Good News and 93 people repented. 

Every new day begins at 7 am for the nurses and caregivers from helping everyone wash and comb. Most of the elderly staying here are not able to do it on their own.

The next important step is to prepare three hot meals per day. Eugene Tkachev, the founder of the hospice, always strives to ensure that the food is good and fresh while the hospice chefs try to cook like their would for their own family members. Today, for example, they serve fresh soup, rice with vegetables, meat cutlets, pickled tomatoes, compote and fresh bread for lunch.

95-year-old Nina Petrovna is from a nearby village of Kostiantynivka. Her life has been so long that she outlived all of her 5 children and grandchildren. This elderly woman who is almost completely blind has almost a century of life behind her. There is something to remember, something to regret, something to be happy about. Three years ago she was left all alone in her house in Kostyantynivka with no one to help. She was taken by the hospice staff to live in this shelter.

God himself smiled at me when I got to this cozy place! No, I’m not sad about staying here. It’s very warm and cozy here… And I’m sure this is a place filled with light, but I can’t see this with my eyes. But I do feel that I’m surrounded by very kind and selfless people! I thank God for that! “- the old lady shared over the meal.

Nina Petrovna lives in the women’s part of the hospice, while Pavlo Guzhva lives in the company of men. There are some bedridden men here as well as those who can still take care of themselves. Pavlo is still able to move, as well as maintain a conversation; he even tries to joke.

I never had a wife or children, – he shares, – and I spent my whole life in the town of Popasna, Luhansk region. In 2014, when the war broke out, a shell hit my house, having  smashed a window and destroyed the roof. There were some kind people who helped me repair the house and provided me with coal to survive cold winters. However, they couldn’t stop me from alcohol abuse. I started drinking a few years ago and this addiction sucked me in so much that I almost sold my house for vodka. I am very sorry about this, but alcohol really helped me stop thinking about loneliness and war.

Thankfully, some good people came into my life and they placed me into this shelter for such lonely and perishing souls as me! If it weren’t for the hospice, I would definitely die! I am grateful to the good angels in the flesh who gave me a chance to survive! “- Pavlo thanked with a smile.

Chasiv Yar hospice exists due to the persistence of the Tkachev family, who organized this shelter with the help of caring assistants and professionals – caregiver, cooks, doctors. There are 48 persons living in Chasiv Yar hospice at the moment.

Their needs are covered from Eugeny Tkachov personal funds, Emmanuel’s donations and pensions of the elderly people living here. Rest of the basic things for these lonely people – like household equipment, furtniture, clean sheets and provided through your donations. Please, sign up for a monthly donation and you will help these people finish their lives in a decent way and our society will become a little better.

By Anna Chaban