The village of Orlovske, Donetsk region, is located right on the contact line. One of the small local houses in the village was used by the missionaries as an activity room for children and as a church on Sundays.

Due to shelling, the house was damaged and there was a large crack in the children’s room. The ministers tried to fix the crack on their own, but continuous shelling caused some new destructions. The kids’ room was very damp and cold and couldn’t be further used for children’s ministry.

In March, the missionaries applied for help to CBN-Emmanuel knowing that this organization has been helping develop ministry to children and teenagers on the frontlines.

Thanks to the financial support provided by Orphan’s Promise through CBN-Emmanuel,  the missionaries purchased the needed construction materials and volunteered their work to reconstruct the building. More volunteers came from all over Ukraine to help prepare the children’s room for winter.  The work lasted for the whole summer, while the kids spent their free time in summer camps.

Now that the children are back to school, they have a chance to meet in their free time in this cozy and warm room again! On September 8, the team of ministers greeted the children in the renovated activity room!

To donate for the children ministry in the Eastern Ukraine you can  here