The project is closed! Thank you for help. Report on the project is here.

The friends of a single mother Olga Dyachek appealed to CBN-Emmanuel with a request to help her and her children with food. When we came to visit Olga’s family at their home in Golubovka village (Slavyansk oblast, Eastern Ukraine) with some humanitarian relief (a food bag and a household chemicals) we could see that the problem is much bigger and more complicated than just their need in food.

Olga is a single mother of two minor kids – Vanya and Mariana. The woman did not receive her inheritance and she and her children lived in a rented apartment. Olga works as an accompanying person in a boarding school for blind children. Her salary is hardly enough to cover the rent and the food and the family’s financial situation has been so difficult for many years now.

There will be some drastic changes in the family’s life  next week- they are expected to move out of their rented apartment. Olga was able to find a solution in the town of Slavyansk – she found a house for sale that can be paid for in installments. The house is very old – no one lived in it for over 15 years. The total price of the house is 40,000 UAH (about 1,500 USD). Olga has already paid the first installment and will be trying to make the other installments in the next couple of years.

The interior of the house is very poor. There is nothing inside of the house except for the walls. The oven is destroyed and there is no furniture. But Olga does not give up. She made up her mind to fix it herself and she does the repairs with her own hands and with the modest resources that she has.

The main thing that needs to be done right now is to repair the stove. A furnace frame and the chimney needs to be built. I don’t understand too much about the details – this is some work for a man. Mariana, my daughter, needs an eye treatment so that she goes to school prepared and sees her childhood well. This whole situation made me take this desperate step and purchased this house. But there are still so many things that need to be done to finish the repairs.

If you have the opportunity to help me fix the oven with any works or materials – I will be very grateful! After all, my kids have to start school in 2 months!” – Olga says.

 If you have some unneeded construction materials, furniture, curtains, bedding, dishes, everything that can fill the house with coziness and comfort, you can send them to Olya and her family.

 If you want to help the family purchase materials for repairs, you can make a donation via this link. Please, add a note “for Olga” and wait for the report on transformations at Olga’s home!

Written by Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel